There are many ways to use the Cisco IOS show command to display configuration settings and statistics on your router. This information can be used as general information or used for performance tuning and troubleshooting router issues.

Gather information about your interfaces:

show ip interface brief – Displays basic up/down status information about your interfaces as well as each interface’s IP addresses.
show ip interface {interface name} – Displays configuration options that are enabled for an interface.
show interface {interface name} – Displays statistics about packets that have traveled through the interface.

Verify that NAT is functioning on the router:

The following two privileged EXEC mode commands can be used to verify that NAT is functioning on your router:

show ip nat statistics – Displays statistical information about translated packets.
show ip nat translations – Displays the state of your translation table (what is being translated by NAT).

Verify if ACL is running on the router:

The following privileged EXEC mode commands can be used to verify the ACLs running on your router:

show running-configuration – Displays what ACLS are assigned to which interfaces and in what direction they’re applied.
show access-list {acl-name}– Displays an ACL and shows how many times each rule in the ACL has been matched.
show ip inspect interfaces – Gives a quick overview of the firewalls and ACLs configured on all your interfaces. This command does not display detailed information about the ACLs, only which ACLs are used and the direction they are filtering, but it does show detailed information about the protocols and applications configured in your

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How to verify Your Cisco Router Setup
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